Xtreme Youth

Xtreme Youth

Saturday, May 22, 2010



today is our performance...
its goin very well =)

especially our sorry sorry...
we did receive much applause...
thx to them...
we are comin out in newspaper...
nan yang shang bao
2moro we are having next performance...
song title Its You
boyz dance
n oh,
not bad too, although juz onli 3 girls

Xtreme Youth ROCKZ!!!

say hi n give some applause
say gdbye n tell ur frens Xtreme Youth ROCKZ

Saturday, May 1, 2010


yeah, our audition
approved =)
we are approved to perform...
in digital mall at 22nd of may
our sorry sorry
need more practise
abit mistake in it

readers not in xtreme youth
saw these =)
come support us at 22nd of may in digital mall =)
give some applause on it =)
thx =)

say hi to give applause on xtreme youth
say gudbye n tell ur frens xtreme youth rockz =)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Practise in Studio

we have training 2day in studio

some of us bought our own costume

yup, thats me n keh li

we bought our new costume in sunway pyramid

our group photo
still lack of some members
edward, joey n chrisanne
our audition is in next saturday
hope we never let teacher down
say hi n support us =)
say gdbye n say Xtreme Youth ROCKZ =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Our auditions...
its gonna be next saturday
we are nervous of cause
our auditions gonna be held in
1st of May
next saturday
in the buddist association center
teacher choose there i dunno y
so we gonna keep up,
have a great dance =)

next performance will be in
22nd n 23rd of May
in USJ 19 City Mall (Digital Mall)
come support us =)
we wun let u down =)

thats all for now =)

say hi n have a applause for us
say gdbye n say Xtreme Youth ROCKZ XD

Monday, April 19, 2010

Songs we dance

Hey, our main song is
Sorry Sorry
this song dance by

me, as Eunhyuk
kehli, as Hangeng
gene, as Donghae
brandon, as Shindong
edward, as Leeteuk
chrisanne, as Kang-in
tze yang, as Yesung
chia yi, as Sungmin
joey fong, as Kiwon

thats all =)

say hi n support us...
n goodbye =)

Sorry Sorry

Hi, this is a blog for our new dancing group
we dance mostly of super junior song
sorry sorry,
its you,
supergirl etc

we are juz new in dancing,
starting this year
at the end of march

say hi n support our team =)
time to say bye =)